How it Works

How it works

The challenge involves teams competing against each other by logging daily physical activity levels plus fruit and veg intake. The more active you are and the more fruit and veg you eat, the further your team moves along the challenge track.

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Interactive health checkpoints appear as you progress along the track including information about health, motivation and track geography.

There are two ways to get involved in the Get on Track Challenge, join an official challenge or take part in a Create Your Own.

Join an Official Challenge

Diabetes WA runs several Get on Track Challenges each year involving a range of great prizes, tough competition, and of course, motivation to improve health and fitness.

Our competitions involve:

  • a large number of teams participating from all around the country.
  • fantastic prizes for best performing teams and individuals.
  • an emphasis on workplace involvement.
  • set up your own health profile to compare your healthy habits from before and after the challenge

Create Your Own Challenge

Kick start healthy habits for your workplace, friends or family by creating your own Get on Track Challenge. It’s the perfect way to encourage fun and friendly competition while encouraging healthy habits at the same time.

Our Create Your Own Challenges allow you to:

  • create a private competition
  • choose your own track and time frame for the challenge.
  • set your own prizes.
  • set up your own health profile to compare your healthy habits from before and after the challenge

2. Create Teams

Once you have joined a challenge or created your own, you can invite people from your workplace or group to become Team Captains. These Team Captains can then create teams and invite participants.

Tracker screenshot

3. Get moving

Log your physical activity, fruit and veg intake, and other healthy habits. The more you move the further you and your team go along the track.
Compete against other teams in your workplace or group.
Uncover checkpoints and facts as you move along the map.

4. Feel Great!

Track workplace progression

Register your workplace and you will be able to monitor each workplace team throughout the challenge.

Set up your own health profile

Compare your healthy habits from before and after the challenge by setting up your own health profile.

Find out who won

At the end of the challenge, find out which team managed to go the furthest along the track. Results are given after all bonus points are awarded!

Ready for the challenge?

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Work environment

Get on Track in the workplace

Are you responsible for implementing health and wellness programs across your workplace? You’ve come to the right place.

Register your workplace in an Official Diabetes WA Challenge and watch how teams within your workplace compete against each other and other workplaces around WA. You could even create a challenge specific to your workplace’s needs and see which team wins.

You’ll be able to track how many people sign up with your workplace and see their progress through the challenge. You will also be building team cohesion and workplace morale.

Not a workplace?

No problem, you can still participate in Get on Track. Either join an Official Challenge or Create Your Own Challenge for one or more teams of friends or family.

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