Gecko Footprints Team

Gecko Footprints Case Study

Gecko Footprints (Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet) team member Helen Jones said, “I enjoyed the challenge (even though I was not prompt with entering data!) and it has sparked a new exercise regime for me. I have now added cardio work to my morning sessions of yoga and other exercises, most days doing 40 + minutes in my morning routine. I am also taking the stairs more often! I found joining a team event made me more conscious of my exercise and diet and this focus is continuing.”

Gecko Footprints (Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet) team member Avinna Trzesinski said, “What I liked about the Get on Track Challenge was the holistic approach. Having to enter data on more than just the step count was great because it made more aware of my diet, sleep patterns and moods. For example, I realised I wasn’t drinking enough water, so I started having a bottle at my desk and setting an hourly reminder to drink water, which I am still continuing.”

Gecko Footprints (Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet) team member Jaime Read said, “I found that the challenge brought out a personal competiveness in me which I didn’t think existed. Entering the data each day made me want to improve and smash the previous day. Even though I have a fairly healthy diet, I found that I was adding extra vegetables to my meals because I knew the next day I needed to record it. I am now continuing this lifestyle change, as well as mixing up my exercise regime between cardio and weight training.”