Case study

At my office we had a healthy lifestyle team challenge run by out HR Department which inspired me to improve my eating and exercise habits.

As the 12 week challenge drew to an end, I was interested in finding something else to help me maintain this healthier lifestyle.

Around that time my Aunty contacted me to see if I wanted to join her Get on Track team. I have quite a competitive nature so it was a great way to find motivation!

Within our team we were constantly bragging to each other about how far we’d walked, jogged or cycled and were always trying to outdo each other. My puppy loved the increased exercise and it has helped us to establish lasting routines in the morning and afternoon.

The program also helped me to improve my water drinking habits and I found I was being a bit more creative with my cooking in order to include more vegetables in my diet. When your decisions are impacting on other people’s success as well as your own, it’s a great way to be kept accountable!

Jess and her dog