Prime Assets Team

We are co-workers from the City of Swan’s Asset Management business unit – we had 3 teams competing in the challenge in total.

Why did you choose to participate in the Challenge?

We decided to participate in the challenge as a motivator for healthy habits, which is important for us as most of our time at work is spent seated in an office.

What kind of exercise did you do?

Our team carried out a variety of physical activities – walking, running, cycling, cleaning, going to the gym, stretching, Pilates, yoga and indoor soccer – every team member was different. We generally did our exercise independently, however we often exercised together once a week doing our “stretch & tone” exercises on Friday mornings. We all found time for exercise differently, some of us focused on getting out for walks or getting to the gym after work or on lunch breaks, some focused on turning the commute into an exercise (by walking or cycling).

How did these healthy habits make you feel?

We all feel pretty good about the positive habits we developed during the challenge; all of us felt that we were healthier at the end of it even if we didn’t lose much or any weight.

What was the best part about participating in the Challenge?

For us the best part about the challenge was the motivation we got from having a team to encourage us to get out there and do something physical, as well as the internal competition amongst the three teams in our business unit.