The Blister Sisters Team

Our team is called Blister Sisters and the members include Amie Swan, Pippa Monger, Tracey Glass and Aimee Forde. We are a combination of a workplace and friendship group – three of us work together, we are now all friends!

Why did you choose to participate in the Challenge?

We were all ready to improve health and fitness at the beginning of 2015, like many people are. Some of us had participated in the Walk Over October and Get on Track Challenges previously as members of other teams and noticed that the Get on Track Challenge was going to start in February. We thought it would be a good motivator and encourage us to record food and exercise – so more likely to stay on track.

What kind of exercise did you do?

A combination of walking, running, cycling, cross trainer, gym classes (Yoga, Body Combat, Body Pump and RPM). Based on circuit routines learnt at the gym and exercise programs online, one member made up her own circuit routines at home.

How did these healthy habits make you feel?

There was definitely an improvement in energy levels and as time went on, level of fitness improved, so we could do more intense exercise for longer periods of time. Healthy habits made it easier to cope with stress.

We have all continued with the habits since the challenge ended, and have registered again to participate in the next one on Monday 20 April to keep it going!

What was the best part about participating in the Challenge?

It was fun. It was social. It made us feel good.

Participating against other teams motivated us even more and sometimes encouraged us to do that little bit more just to see if we could get higher up the ladder.